Roumen Roussev, MD, PhD - Bio

Dr. Roussev has received his Medical degree from Bulgarian Medical Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria in 1978 and defended his Ph.D. thesis on transplantation immunology in 1985. In 1990 Dr. Roussev moved to USA as a post-doctoral fellow in the Center for Reproduction and Transplantation Immunology in Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana..Since then, Dr. Roussev joined his research, scientific and professional career with Dr. Coulam’s, leading to numerous articles and reports in diagnostic evaluation, treatment and novel diagnostic markers for reproductive failures. He was supervising Reproductive immunology in Genetics and IVF Institute in Fairfax, Virginia. Few years later he became manager of Reproductive Immunology Laboratory at Center for Human Reproduction, Chicago, IL. Since 1999 Dr. Roussev is a consultant and adjunct professor for reproductive immunology to Torre Angeles Hospital Pedregal, Mexico City, Mexico. In 2000, Dr. Roussev joined Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine and became Managing Director of Millenova Immunology Laboratories, Chicago. He dedicated his professional life analyzing the role of immune system on infertility, IVF or implantation failures as well as recurrent pregnancy losses. Dr Roussev Joined FCLab in 2009 as Scientific advisor and director.

Dr. Roussev’s team of young scientist and researchers have developed and implemented into practical use several new tests to help physicians identify patients’ immunologic risk factors for reproductive failure: bioassay for embryotoxic factors, preimplantation factor (PIF), test for NK-cells functional activity, sperm DNA integrity assay and Antiphospho Lipids Antibodies panel. He is certified in diagnostic immunology, cellular immunology and reproductive endocrinology.

He is assoc. professor of immunology in Medical University-Pleven, Bulgaria, visiting professor of immunology in US Medical School, Belgrade, Serbia, consultant in Konstantinion Research Center, Thessaloniki, Greece. Dr. Roussev is Director and founder of ReproInova, LTD, Bulgaria.

Dr. Roussev has presented more than 30 lectures as invited speaker and has more than 130 publications in peer-reviewed journals; he is in the editorial board on three of them, and ad hoc reviewer in five as well, has written 3 book chapters, 1 monograph, and has 4 patents.