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Fclab runs a state of the art cryobank, equipped with telemetry micro bulk system that is monitored 24x7x52 by the liquid Nitrogen vendor to ensure never running out of liquid Nitrogen that is essential for long term cryopreservation. Long term auto fill storage dewars are monitored 24x7x52 with redundant alarm system that monitors temperature, level of liquid nitrogen and liquid nitrogen supply line to ensure that your precious embryos or gametes are safe and securely stored at -195C. We maintain a vapor storage dewar for infectious samples

Redundant electric generator and uninterrupted power supply system ensures uninterrupted power supply at all time. Our lab techs have online access to monitor status of all freezers and liquid nitrogen level in storage tank for fast action in case of any alarm.

We provide our clients with a secure portal access where the physician or embryologist can manage the cryo inventory at all times by entering samples, ordering pickup or return back the sample, adjust inventory after thaw and thaw all. Records and files are stored indefinitely on our servers and records are backed up every 24 hours. We provide secure insured courier service for Chicago land are clients free of charge.