Mission Statement

We cherish life and the creation of life.  We recognize and respect the dreams and special needs of fertility patients in creating a new life and becoming a family.

We offer a complete Andrology services lab, including but not limited to Andrology procedures such as sperm wash and sperm cryopreservation. Andrology tests such as semen analysis and sperm function tests. We also perform sperm identifications for testicular and epididymal aspirates.

We are a highly specialized high complexity clinical fertility lab offering tests and procedures that are not available in general labs in addition to general lab work up.  We offer specialized fertility tests to help physicians assist their infertility patients in achieving their goal of building a family.


Our facility is CLIA certified and FDA registered. To eliminate medical errors, we installed a state of the art Lab Information System (LIS) that is capable of receiving orders online from the physician’s office, distributing the test orders to the different analyzers, and then posting the test results by fax or online and initiating the bill without ANY human intervention. This is part of our Green philosophy at FCS, and allows us to be an essentially paperless office.

Each of our staff members is board certified in their respective discipline, regularly participates in continuing education programs to maintain their certification and we participates regularly in proficiency testing.

All of these measures are taken to provide the most accurate test results in a timely manner in order to fulfill our goal to work with physicians to help couples become parents.